• Increase Self Awareness
  • Decrease Anxiety and Depression
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Heal from Childhood Trauma
  • Improve Relationships
We live in stories the way fish live in water, breathing them in an out, buoyed up by them,taking from them our sustenance, but rarely conscious of this element in which we exist.

Life as a story is not simply a metaphor, but the way our experience actually presents itself to us. We are characters making choices over time—and living with the consequences—and that is the essence of story both in literature and in life. The more we are conscious of our role as characters making choices that have consequences, and the more we purposefully choose the stories by which we live, the healthier we will be.

— Dr. Daniel Taylor, 1995

Part of entering into psychotherapy is the call to make sense of one’s story. We each have stories to tell, many of which are painful and sometimes frightening to encounter. Some are without words but felt and experienced nonetheless. Other stories have been imposed upon us by others or by events beyond our control.

My approach as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is to provide a safe place in which stories may gently and safely unfold and be integrated into a new story. It is my intention that in doing so, persons might discover their true story, rather than the story their history seems to have inflicted on them. I am a person of faith and believe that the God who made and loves us longs for us to be made whole, living our best story.

The journey of self discovery and the goal of psychotherapy is opening up to who we really are. Therapy can be a way of unraveling the threads of hurt from our past and re-weaving them into a new garment that fits and becomes us.

Taking the piece of marble which had been in storage for forty years after a previous sculptor had failed in his attempt at the commissioned “David”, Michelangelo was successful in “releasing” David from the considerably damaged block. This seems an appropriate metaphor for persons of any age seeking change in their lives. Together, we can embark on the process of uncovering and revealing who you are meant to be.